Industrial Demolition

Industrial Decommissioning

Pro SE Services has our own fleet of high-performance decommissioning equipment capable of executing large-scale industrial dismantling and removal projects. We work closely with our customers to understand their unique project, meet their needs and surpass their expectations.

With a lengthy portfolio of diverse projects, Pro SE has a solid history and depth of experience in various heavy industry categories. We have been providing customers with creative solutions to difficult metal and concrete projects since the late 80s.  We begin each industrial decommissioning project with our number one priority – safety. We are experts at analyzing the project variables, assessing safety, structural, and environmental considerations in order to propose a customized plan designed to address each clients specific job requirements. Rest assured, our highly-skilled operators and employees maintain strict worksite health and safety protocols before every job begins.

  • Heavy Industrial

  • Foundation Removal & Modifications

  • Brick & Refractory Removal

  • Tank Insert Dismantling and Removal

  • Boiler Segmentation

  • Retrofits and Dismantling and Removal

  • Decommissioning and Dismantling

  • Site Preparation & Cleanup

  • Scrap Metal & Material Hauling