Commercial Decommissioning & Dismantlement

Commercial Decommissioning

Pro SE Services was formed in 1988 and since then, we have established a reputation for delivering exceptional commercial dismantling and removal services. Our expert team provides the right combination of skills and services for each and every job.

As one of the most important steps in construction, we believe the process of decommissioning needs to be done right. This means having the right tools and machinery to leave your space structurally sound, clean, and safe – for next step in your construction project. When you contract with us, we’ll handle the entire project from top to bottom.

Pro SE works directly with major real estate developers, property managers, building owners and more. We can tear down and dismantle any residential, industrial or commercial structure with ease – and assist with all environmental remediation issues. We also obtain our own permits, as well as remove mechanical equipment, concrete, and asphalt.

  • Soft Decommissioning

  • Bridge Dismantling & Removal

  • Plant Decommissioning

  • Building & Structure Dismantling and Removal

  • Concrete & Asphalt Decommissioning

  • Deconstruction & Dismantling

  • Site Preparation & Cleanup

  • Scrap Metal & Material Hauling